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If You Are Ready to Adopt, We are Ready to Make it Happen for You.

As a family law attorney nothing gives me more satisfaction then helping adopt a child. 

If you ask most people to describe an adoption, they will tell you a story of new adoptive parents bringing a child home from the hospital to their home and that is how their adoption story begins. 

In the past that has been the traditional adoption (private adoption), and seeing the new mom and dad holding their baby is amazing for all.

If you want more information on this type of adoption, please click here.

However, adoption has many faces and traditional adoptions are no longer the norm.  In my practice I have seen an uptake of non-traditional/foster care adoptions.

But life happens and sometimes parents are not able to care for their children.  Sometimes this is only for a short period of time in which case a guardianship may be appropriate. 

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However, there are times the parents are not able to care for their children due to a myriad of reasons that range from:

  • Health
  • Legal Issues
  • Drug/alcohol dependency 
  • Mental health issues.

In these cases, the need for a longer term solution is needed to care for the children.  For many adoption may be the solution they need to resolve instability and inconsistency in a child’s life. 


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